Alipay formal start “living together” strategy

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Leading third-party payment companies officially announced the launch of treasure to pay for the user’s “live together” strategy, that is, an open platform for building invisible, so that life can be seen everywhere in the payment of services and applications hosting. Do understand the invisible, open platform, Alipay will not only open to individuals and companies to develop applications, will be and the regional governments, cities and other units of co-operation of some public concern about people’s lives, resources, type of service brought together, the application of spread to the Internet every corner, even outside the network, allowing users freedom to enjoy life to the service convenient. Since from October 2008, Paypal have more than 20 cities in the country opened the public utilities water, electricity fees, and 13 banks to provide online credit card payments. Alipay now assistant business has been involved in city life, pay, payment of life, travel fees, government fees, campus fees, administration fees and other fields, has more than 10 million users with a service. “But we also found that one of these things do Alipay alone is not enough.” Alipay business general manager Wang Gang said. “Users need is a faster, more and broader services. This will require more application developers to provide a variety of applications, the platform also needs to make more extensive use of these services anytime and anywhere.” So, how to find more applications, and the variety of applications, “distributed” to all Internet users daily on the platform to become the next important work. And the pure APP STORE mode is not the same as the payment treasure “life together” strategy is not to aggregate will be applied like Apple’s own platform to achieve the so-called open up, but the life in society will be co-implanted type of service to include portal sites, local sites, SNS, search engine, chat tools, mobile client or offline payment channels, such as real-free open platform. Wang Gang, said the platform would certainly be the invisible visible platform more valuable, meaning the user and society will be greater. It can really open up all kinds of resources, all kinds of life service applications to customers within reach of the place. It is reported that the lives of tens of thousands of domestic service providers, such as water electricity companies, credit card centers, railways, bus stations and other public resource units; car rental companies, hotels, movie theaters and other businesses and some individual developers and so on. With the Internet becoming more service life, these application developers have no shortage of technology and products, but the lack of appropriate marketing channels and business models mature. Alipay “living together” strategic future of life according to the application of different channels of promotion, using the above mentioned types of implant platform applications for a variety of services to bring traffic and branding, “Besides, we also and application developers and the promotion of rational profit-sharing channels to find the best business cooperation model. “This means that application developers can not only form a fixed flow rate and the user, saving the cost of self-development; also open up more customers resources, enhance brand value and expand influence. As for the marketing channel, it can provide a rich online life services, improve the user to expand and user stickiness, and ultimately win the upstream and downstream industry chain. Service at your fingertips to make life a lot of lives have been invisible to those applied to gather. Such as the most important line in Shenzhen in southern China to pay electricity tariffs, a long time to sell tickets online tickets turned into a precedent, Hefei Personnel Testing into the online enrollment fee pioneer, the first attempt of Sinopec Zhejiang fuel card online recharge and so on. Wang Gang said that the next Zhi Fu Bao will be based on different cities, industry, specific group of people to the local governments, institutions, enterprises, application of life through the release of the corresponding channels to go out, to expand the coverage of the invisible platform, in order for the whole community living services the bottom of the pay and play basis Alipay entire e-commerce service providers, the true nature of the underlying, which is faced with 500 million users Alipay the bounden duty. “We want any user, not because of low pay tens of dollars to the bank entrance line utilities, so that they can enjoy a stay at home with the chairman of ICBC the same rights.” Gang said at last.

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